With all original material it takes a few plays to get into, but the Atomic Mosquitos are about melody as well as beat.

The opener My Fellow Mosquitos has surfy touches, a style that recurs on several tracks without taking over. Rancho Relaxo blends in Euro influences, Love Canal reminds me of a Spanish flavored He's In Town, and it's the big chords behind Danger Island that attract.  Hang 'Em Low rolls and riffs around the lower registers while the shimmering lead twang of Forbidden Romance is a highlight.  Alien Roundup is a western theme, C.A.S.T. drives along apace and Flight Of The Mosquitos sees them darting hither and thither almost, but not quite, slipping into Perfidia.

I look forward to their development with great interest.

Alan Taylor - Pipeline Magazine
I've been hearing ripples on the water for quite a while about the Atomic Mosquitos. Their album is nearing completion, and I'm privileged to be able to review this advance CD-R of the tracks. You can feel the compressors breathe as the band drives these fine melodies home. This is a really nice set of surf tunes, well written and maturely arranged, yet fun and adventurous.     

Phil Dirt - Reverb Central      Read full review at  Phil's place
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This CD was awaiting me as I returned home yesterday, and I've been listening to it all day. Wow, what a great CD! It is such a cool sound.

Now, I like almost all varieties of "Surf." These current, modern bands are really good and I really like them, but as I listened to this CD, all I kept saying to myself is, "Man, this is why I love this genre so much." Very trad, but with just a bit more style.   I really love this CD...good work!

A Day At The Beach hosted by Clint Beachwood (Thursdays 4-6pm) on KCR 1620AM in San Diego
If you enjoy trad-meets-sci-fi surf sounds, the new Atomic Mosquitos CD is for you. Cool sounds, solid playing and great artwork from Stephen Blickenstaff. One really cool thing is that the CD contains all original material (13 tunes). No covers necessary. Pick up this CD! 

Art Bourasseau MuSick Recordings
The cool weather has sent those pesky West Nile insects into hiding, but nothing can stop the ATOMIC MOSQUITOS! And that's a good thing. Because these rockin' mutants play the most infectious surf music this side of Three Mile Island which is where the quartet was born in a nuclear disaster gone wonderfully right.   ...In the meantime, roll up your sleeves and get bit by these beat-happy bugs. As they say, the West Nile virus is the least of your worries!

Dave Nuttycombe  - Washington City Paper  - Read full review there.
Some real fun titles in there and some real fun music from the band.  Buzzing abounds (did you guess?) on several intros to this innovative 13 originals set.  Lots of action going on with guitars to the forefront and melody is apparent too. Like all the tracks really but especially "Hang 'Em Low" and "Flight of the Mosquitos."  Band are tight and together and have created a fine debut CD full of imagination and creativity - we wish it well. 

Dave Peckett  "New" Gandy Dancer
Purveyors of instrumental surf sounds, Atomic Mosquitos formed in 1983, then broke up in 1987 because the members of the band wanted to pursue other musical avenues. But after all these years, they realized how much they missed playing instrumental rock, so they decided to get back together and give it another shot.

The band's new album, "Atomic Mosquitos," is so good that it gives you the impression they never went away. Fusing vintage moves and grooves with just enough contemporary creases to provide their material with a fresh outlook, the band's chops are equal parts plucky and powerful. Seasoned professionals they are. Tracks like "My Fellow Mosquitos," "Bone On The Nose," "77 Pest Strip," and "Flight Of The Mosquitos" are rich with seizing melodies that bubble and buzz to no end. A hypnotic feel mans much of the instrumentals, prompting the listener to become totally absorbed in what's going on and not be tempted to push the fast forward button. From head to toe, this disc is a solid piece of work.

Though instrumental surf music's greatest popularity occured in the early sixties, it still claims a fairly healthy fanbase around the world today. Atomic Mosquitos certainly add a boost of excitement to the scene!

Beverly Paterson - Lance Monthly
Reviews of our first CD "Atomic Mosquitos"
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