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Three albums on, this highly acclaimed Virginia based combo continues to kick out the jams like a swarm of pesky insects buzzing around the heads and bodies of unsuspecting victims. Comprised of fourteen wet and wild instrumentals whose cool titles are just as imaginative as indicated, “Meltdown” deftly incorporates old school surf motifs with snippets of contemporary sounds. Offerings such as “Dark Side Of The Chimps,” “The Villain In The Panama Hat,” “It’s The Mountain Dew Talking” and “Mosquito Royale” slip, slide, crackle and crunch with heavy duty dynamics sculpted of bruising guitars and powerhouse drum fills. Atomic Mosquitos batter their music into submission, causing their instrumentals to turn to shades of black and blue. Flooded with paralyzing melodies and challenging arrangements, “Meltdown” takes surf rock to a whole new level, while at the same time retaining the basic ingredients that made the genre so boss in the first place.

Beverly Paterson - Lance Monthly
The Atomic Mosquitos are led by the twin reverb guitars of Joe Marencic and Paul Carson with Stephen Blickenstaff adding theremin touches. Driven along by Sean Rush on bass and Craig Stang's drums they deliver a full-on uptempo surf assault exemplified by their storming take on Khachaturian's Sabre Dance. All of the other titles are group originals and, while their sound and style are clearly surf, they are indeed original pieces. Banzai Fallout is just as big a blast as its title suggests and the momentum is maintained through the mighty opening sequence of The Villain In The Panama Hat, Mosquito Royale with its proud theme, the crashing, splashing Dusty Duty, Hollow Point with its exquisite damped reverb picking and the fast flowing Sno Balls. The menacing Dark Side Of Chimps is a mid-tempo piece that thunders along with incredible power while The Liquidators and the title track are highly charged stinging themes full of emotion.

The Mosquitos have evolved from the echo guitars of their eponymous debut (Pipeline 57) through the reverb/echo combination on Release The Mosquitos! (Pipeline 68) to the revved-up reverb of this third album which I can only describe as monstrous -- in a nice, surfy way of course. It's the most satisfying blast I've heard for ages.

Alan Taylor  Pipeline Magazine
Superb little third CD from the flying insects after their debut set in 2002 (NGD67) and their album in 2005 (NGD75). Lots of high power but still clean and thoughtful melodically, largely original guitar instrumentals (bravo). It's pretty much authentic surf a la Ventures, Dick Dale and all, but with a twist of their own. Highly entertaining album with many highlights, best of
which is an enthralling "Hank Scorpio." ****

Davy  "New" Gandy Dancer
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This disc just arrived, and boy, it’s an absolute knockout. The cover art is amazing, with a hot, stacked female mosquito (seriously!) amid a bunch of melting heads (from atomic fallout, I presume). It was done by Steve Blickenstaff, so you know it’s good. The music is even better though – fourteen amazing, twangy, reverby tunes – all originals except a powerful version of “Sabre Dance”. The performances, tone, and songwriting are outstanding from start to finish. It’s not quite as good as the new Los Twang Marvels and Barbwires CD’s, but let’s just say this is easily the third best disc of 2008! 

Sean, Continental Magazine
This is an amazingly strong release. Great writing and arranging, superb playing, and consistently good sound. It's really hard not to like this CD. It moves along with infectious energy, and can easily be absorbed in a single sitting. Recommended! 

Phil Dirt - Reverb Central

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