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            "'Release the Mosquitos!' is arguably one of the greatest surf rock albums ever recorded, . . ."

Looking to renowned combos like The Astronauts and The Ventures for ideas, Atomic Mosquitos are gentlemen and scholars of purist instrumental surf rock. Their new album, "Release The Mosquitos!," is dressed to the nines with striking execution fated to leave you spinning and grinning with glee. Notes that twinkle with emotion, topped by more hooks than you'll find clogging a clothes horse's closet are all but a quick mention of the tantalizing tidbits you'll experience on this dynamic disc.

Bending and curving with riffs that are deep and thick, "Dead Sea Scroll" is one ravishing piece of musical mastery. Sprinkled with the creepy sound of a theremin, "Planet from Outer Space" is imaginative and inventive. An uncharacteristically chirpy cover of Elvis Presley's "Are You Lonesome Tonight" pops with playfulness, "Slaughter Beach" wiggles and swaggers with clever kicks and creases, and "Dreamsicle" involves the head-bobbing throb of bongos.

Spilling over with energy and enthusiasm, "Release the Mosquitos!" is contagiously hummable. The band is edgy, but always in control of its destiny. And the production is crisp and crackling. "Release the Mosquitos!" is arguably one of the greatest surf rock albums ever recorded, and you can bet that thirty years from now people will still be talking about Atomic Mosquitos and their tasty instrumental work.

Beverly Paterson - Lance Monthly
Release The Mosquitos is finally here! It exceeds the expectations set by the advance sample circulated earlier. Lots of cool stuff for your surf ears. This is a marvelous release!   5 stars   Phil Dirt  Read full review at Phil's place!
The anxiously awaited second release by one of my favorite bands, the Atomic Mosquitos has finally arrived... "Release the Mosquitos!"  I was so impressed by their first release, s/t "Atomic Mosquitos", that I was anxious to see if they could follow up with another awesome CD. They did not disappoint! This is a great collection of well written, preformed and produced surf tunes. Along with their straightforward surf sound, there is a sampling of spaghetti westerns, loungy/spy, and probably my favorite, the very tropical, serene "Dead Sea Stroll". I also sense a little influence of The Insect Surfers in some of the songs and that can only be a good thing. They even throw in a great rendition of Elvis' "Are You Lonesome Tonight". Besides the music, the artwork is great as well, including a creepy cover by Steven Blickenstaff. So indeed... "Release the Mosquitos!"   -  Clint-Beachwood  KCR
I've recently gotten the sophomore album by the Atomic Mosquitos, "Release The  Mosquitos!", and wow, it's great!

The Mosquitos play traditional surf music with some light modern influences. Good points of reference would be the Penetrators and the Volcanos. Like those two bands, the Mosquitos' focus is on the melody and flowing arrangements rather than impressing with technique or blowing away with energy, though they certainly don't lack in either energy or technique. 

The most remarkable thing about the Mosquitos is their songs. I must admit that it took several listens to fully appreciate their depth and beauty, but now I'm totally addicted! My very favorite on the CD is the stunning "Axis of Evil", a song which I would be VERY proud to call one of my own!

Anyway I can't recommend this CD highly enough. The best of 2005 so far, as far as I'm concerned.

Ivan Pongracic - The Madeira
Reviews of our first CD "Atomic Mosquitos" are here.
The Mosquitos.... have been established for years now keeping busy gigging, writing their own exciting material....  It's all happening melodic stuff without the noise which is nice.  There's the anxious Toxic Train which is upbeat and tight and the delightful slower Dead Sea Stroll; the surf dripper sci-fi song Planet From Outer Space and the hard driving Beach Blanket Inferno among many fine cuts. Highly fun second album.

Dave Peckett  "New" Gandy Dancer
Not every American guitar band feels the need for two guitars or appreciates the benefit of a melodic approach, but The Atomic Mosquitos score on both counts. With three band members contributing to the songwriting they have a pool of talent to call on to ensure variety.

Generally the second guitar plays a rhythm role behind echo or reverbed lead, so we're not talking all surf--although that's where we start with Slaughter Beach. This has elements of Squad Car about it, and there's nothing wrong with that. There are more fast surfers in Planet From Outer Space which has theremin in the backing for spacey effects, the exotic double-picked Kid Of Speed, Pope Of Chili Town and Mr. Exterminator.  Siouxnami is a rhythm-driven uptempo piece with a good melody, echo lead and some tasty shimmering guitar licks, the neat Toxic Train uses a cleaner echo lead and the laid back Dead Sea Stroll recalls The Sandals' classic Endless Summer theme.

This all makes for an interesting and varied album with a broad appeal.

--Alan Taylor  Pipeline Magazine

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